There is a real actual Spiderman comic where he pretends this is his power and the bad guys drop their weapons and give up. XD And it makes me happy. 

Here it is:


No one can ever say spiderman is not the best superhero of all time.

No one.

if i fail to reblog this, assume i am dead.

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Supernatural S9 Unaired Scene: 9.18 Meta Fiction [x]

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The guy on the left, since he shows clear disgust with having his picture taken suddenly without permission. The guy on the right has had so little sleep that his grip on reality and emotions has left him

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#can you imagine if we left these 4 guys alone in the top floor of stark tower for like a month #or even just a week #SHIT WOULD GET DONE #we’d probably have interstellar travel in 3 days

i’m not a science expert. i’m not even a science novice. but that’s so interesting that these four would come up with interstellar travel when none of the 4 above are qualified as far as we know? reed richards in the mcu is just listed as a physicist, peter parker could only be linked with engineering + genetics, tony’s engineering, bruce banner is physicist in the 616 but i believe just radiology in the mcu.

know who IS an astrophysicist though?

know who has actually manipulated travel between realms? 

jane foster!

reblogging for jane

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A young Jewish refugee with her Chinese playmates. Shanghai, China (x)

Between 1933 and 1941, it is estimated that 20,000 Jews escaped persecution by fleeing to the Chinese port of Shanghai. Shanghai was one of the few places in the world that would accept Jewish refugees at this time, Japan being another.

i am furious that i am just now learning about this important fact.

Because it has nothing to do with the USA being the superhero and saving all the Jews

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Fun fact time: many of my old acquaintances still make joking comments whenever they see me wearing pink, because as a child (and honestly pretty much right up to high school) I would refuse to associate with any pink objects. 

It wasn’t because I didn’t like pink, it was because since I appeared female I was supposed to/ it was immediately assumed that I did and therefore it pissed me the ever-loving fuck off. I was ashamed to like it, which is terrible because pink is an awesome color. But when you shove it down young girls throats it gets really old, really fast. 

Give the child the fucking rainbow, and if they pick pink, it’s not because they are female and/or effeminate, it’s because they like the color pink. 


Gosh this

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Dean Winchester + having the time of his life
↳6.18 - ‘Frontierland’

Because dancewithmejensen's wish is my command ^.^

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"Codependency isn’t sexy. It isn’t romantic. It’s built with a fuse and will surely burn out. The healthiest thing you can say to the one you love is, “I would be okay without you, and that’s why I choose to stay.”"

LB, A Few Things About Love (via dangervvank)
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understanding - a portrait of misha collins

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i’m just gonna leave it here because i think it shows a pretty significant difference


This is beautiful

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This is… oddly uplifting?

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I swear to hell I didn’t plan that. [x]

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